Trezor crypto hardware wallet integrates 3 new exchange partners

Trezor in-wallet exchanges are available to every owner of a Trezor device and features over 20 cryptocurrencies...

Satoshi Labs, creators of the Trezor cryptocurrency hardware wallet platform, announced today it has added three new exchange partners to its in-wallet exchange tool.

The three newly connected partners include ChangeHero, Fox.Exchange, and MorphToken.

In-wallet exchanges are built directly into the online Trezor Wallet interface. All trades are performed within the safety of a native environment with no need to access any third-parties.

With the new additions, Trezos now connects to six exchange partners

The Trezor platform enables users to keep their crypto off of exchanges, and make trades from the safety of their Trezor hardware device without putting coins at risk. The Trezor Wallet connects directly to devices, which means users don’t have to copy/paste any receiving address; it’s automatically filled in.

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