Cross-chain liquidity protocol Laminar receives grant from Web3 Foundation

Cross-chain liquidity protocol Laminar receives grant from Web3 Foundation

Laminar, a solution for bridging on-and-off-chain liquidity and crypto-asset trading, announced today it has received a development grant from the Web3 Foundation (W3F).

The Web3 Foundation is the primary facilitator of the Polkadot blockchain interoperability project founded by Dr. Gavin Wood. W3F is the primary steward and single treasurer behind the Web3 Tech Stack, an inclusive set of interoperable and extensible protocols.

The Laminar team is building a high-performance, low-cost specialized financial service chain — the Flowchain, which would operate as a parachain on the Polkadot network using Laminar’s Flow Protocols.

The Flowchain consists of the following components:

“The road ahead will include building a Flowchain based on Substrate to enable high-performance trading for the masses and connecting with the Polkadot network to enable cross-chain communications. Our Ethereum implementation will primarily serve as a value gateway, allowing us to leverage the functionality and contribute liquidity to the DeFi ecosystem there. The two will be integrated to leverage the best of both worlds, providing a better trading experience, bringing more liquidity on-chain, and empowering more open finance applications. As we march on towards our vision for bridging on-and-off-chain liquidity and asset trading, we look forward to constructively collaborating more closely with W3F and continuously contributing to the Polkadot ecosystem.”
– The Laminar Team

Laminar expects to launch the Flowchain testnet in February 2020.

The Testnet Flow Exchange Web App
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