Web 3.0 protocols of The Convergence Stack to get liquidity boost from Alkemi

Alkemi’s on-chain liquidity protocol is a non-custodial solution for stakeholders to earn incentives on their idle crypto assets while providing the infrastructure required for exchanges to stabilize market prices.

Outlier Ventures, a European-based blockchain technology venture firm, confirmed today they are the lead investor in Alkemi, an open-source prime brokerage platform. Alkemi’s platform provides the non-custodial infrastructure for digital assets to connect with exchanges.

Alkemi’s modular infrastructure technology platform is powered by decentralized liquidity with three applications at its core: 1) Smart Order Router; 2) Arbitrage Engine and 3) Clearing and Settlement.

Alkemi brings efficiency to the markets in the following ways:

Alkemi participated in February 2019’s NYC TechStars blockchain accelerator and also includes XSpring, Consensys and ARC Fund as supporters.

Outlier Ventures: Convergence Stack

Outlier Ventures leads The Covergene Alliance whose members aim to accelerate Web 3.0 technologies within The Convergence Stack, a set of privacy-protecting, peer-to-peer, and open-source technologies that will decentralize the cloud and unbundle the Internet platforms.

The Convergence Stack generates monetary value through digital assets. Today those assets trade through inefficient markets with little or no on-ramps for large institutions to engage with them without taking counterparty or custodial risk. Alkemi enables a new generation of investors to have access to digital assets that are crucial to The Convergence Stack by reducing slippage on exchanges and increasing liquidity. In other words, Alkemi is the routing layer for value within the stack.

CEO of Outlier Ventures Jamie Burke, recently highlighted the company’s expansion in China, where they are running a 10 day 3 city tour in December which Alkemi is a key partner.