First Hyperledger-based token Metacoin to list on crypto exchange Liquid

First Hyperledger-based token Metacoin to list on crypto exchange Liquid

Global cryptocurrency platform announced it will be listing Metacoin (MTC), the world’s first Hyperledger-based token, for secondary trading.

Metacoin is a project focused on expanding the blockchain ecosystem by solving fundamental issues that traditional cryptocurrency has yet to overcome such as scalability and security.

The Metacoin team held a token sale back in August 2018 and was later released as a mainnet platform as the first commercialized mainnet based on the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.

Metacoin currently boasts several key projects such as:

Several notable DApps are also currently being built on the Metacoin platform including:

“We are delighted to be the first global cryptocurrency exchange to add Metacoin to our offering of digital assets on Liquid, and also be the first exchange to be able to support projects built on Hyperledger. The ability to support Hyperledger-based projects is certainly an important step towards our mission of providing liquidity to the crypto economy.”
– Mike Kayamori, CEO and co-founder of Liquid


Metacoin aims to solve two fundamental issues in blockchain technology — scalability and security — by implementing its node into LinuxONE. By doing so, Metacoin is not only able to further secure and protect users’ data but handle millions of transactions per second in a safe and secure manner.

To celebrate the listing of Metacoin on Liquid, the Liquid and Metacoin teams have decided to provide a 1% bonus for anyone who deposits more than 1,000 MTC and a 3% bonus for anyone who deposits more than 30,000 MTC on Liquid. Liquid and Metacoin will also host a Trading Competition that rewards 1,000 MTC to the top 100 users in trading volume at the end of the campaign.

“We’re excited about the listing of Metacoin on Liquid. As one of the largest, most secure and reputable exchanges globally, Liquid will offer best-in-class security to anyone looking to trade and hold MTC. More importantly, being listed on a major exchange is aligned with our mission of creating new value through collaborations with other companies and business support.”
– Jay Baek, V.P. of INBLOCK


Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies. Hosted by the Linux Foundation, it is a global collaboration that includes leaders in finance, banking, Internet of Things, supply chains, manufacturing and Technology. Hyperledger Fabric currently supports distributed ledger solutions for a wide range of industries and maximizes the confidentiality, resilience and flexibility of blockchain solutions through its modular architecture.

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