Blockchain infrastructure provider Bison Trails gets $25M in series A funding

Funding aims to further Bison Trails' position as a preferred Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider for growing blockchain protocols...

Bison Trails, a technology company that provides secure, enterprise-grade infrastructure for multiple blockchain networks, announced today it has completed a $25.5 million series A round of financing.

Blockchain Capital led the investment round, with participation from Kleiner Perkins and Coinbase. It was also joined by Collaborative Fund, A Capital, Consensys, and Sound Ventures, as well as early investors Initialized, Accomplice, Galaxy Digital, and Notation.

This series A follows an initial funding round back in March 2019 in the decentralized network infrastructure company.

Bison Trails

Bison Trails is the preferred infrastructure provider for 20+ protocol projects. The company removes the need for customers to spend resources on developing in-house security, DevOps, infrastructure, and blockchain protocol engineering competencies by providing the infrastructure for deploying participation node clusters on any protocol.

By lowering the barriers to participating in the decentralized ecosystem, Bison Trails has helped accelerate the adoption of some of the most popular blockchain projects in the world including Livepeer, Tezos, and Decred.

“When we started building Bison Trails, we wanted to bring transparency and ease to entrepreneurs bold enough to build in a decentralized ecosystem, investors wise enough to back a nascent market, and enterprises courageous enough to commit to a technological inevitability like blockchain technology and cryptocurrency. We have become the easiest way to run infrastructure on multiple blockchains. And have helped the world’s leading protocols, companies and builders launch and manage secure, highly-available, and geographically distributed nodes on blockchain networks.”
Joe Lallouz, CEO of Bison Trails


Back in October, Bison Trails joined the Libra Association Council as one of 21 Founding members to ensure that the Libra Network is decentralized, secure, and well-orchestrated. Working at the protocol level with various teams, Bison Trails will be playing a key role in strengthening the network to support billions of transactions. This year alone, Bison Trails partnered with dozens of blockchain founders and protocol teams to test, launch, and scale their blockchains.

“We are building a block production and validation infrastructure platform that is secure, reliable, globally-distributed. Our team and culture plays a major role in that and is a huge focus for us as we continue expanding — we aim to bring together world-class engineering, product, and design teams to work together on some of the most interesting and challenging opportunities in the infrastructure space.”
– Aaron Henshaw, CTO of Bison Trails

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