Modulus now offers crypto margin trading on its white label exchange solution

In addition to supporting cryptocurrencies, Modulus is adding support for virtually any asset. One of its clients intends to create a regulated, blockchain-based agricultural commodity exchange for cocoa, sugar, and coffee...

Modulus, a US-based developer of ultra-high-performance trading and surveillance technology that powers global equities, derivatives, and cryptocurrency exchanges, announced that its proprietary M5 exchange platform will now allow for crypto-asset brokerages to offer margin trading and lending.

Modulus Technology

Leverage tools allow traders to more flexibility hedge positions without fully capitalizing on the endeavor. The technology which makes this feasible is the all-new Modulus de-leveraging engine and an extension of Modulus’ Market Surveillance & Risk Management Solution.

The Modulus surveillance/risk solution uses deep insights to guard against malfeasance within markets and between market participants. It provides trade surveillance and pre-trade, at-trade, and on-trade risk management, along with customizable alerts and reports identifying market manipulation, abusive trading behavior, and money laundering.

“The Modulus futures and margin exchange solution will provide exchanges the ability to offer customizable lending and leverage options. Our clients will be able to self-regulate the process from start to finish. We support customization in terms of lending, maximum leverage, and de-leveraging, while also offering position management via our powerful risk management & de-leveraging engine. In essence, this will allow our clients to really customize their exchange to suit the needs of their traders and meet all regulatory demands.”
– Richard Gardner, CEO of Modulus

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