Second State to foster blockchain technology solutions with Krypital Group

The new partnership aims to help traditional companies utilize blockchain solutions...

Second State to foster blockchain technology solutions with Krypital Group

Krypital Group, a global blockchain incubation and investment organization, announced that it has formed a strategic partnership with Second State, a blockchain technology company that provides infrastructure to public and corporate chains.

Through this strategic agreement, the Krypital Group will provide Second State with investment resources, market expansion, and the promotion of holistic cooperation with other domains. Krypital will promote the cooperation of Second State with high-quality companies, domestically and abroad.

Second State

Founded in February 2019, Second State provides a specialized form of blockchain infrastructure. Michael Yuan, the founder of Second State, is the chief scientist of public chain CyberMiles.

The Second State team possesses strong technical talents and has released a number of blockchain-related products including:

Blockchain Development Solutions

Second State’s BUIDL online IDE allows developers to develop DApps (smart contracts + web3 + ElasticSearch + JS + HTML/CSS) in minutes without installing additional software.

At the Crosslink conference in Taipei in early November, Ethereum founder Vitalik personally presented a cash award for the SOLL project developed by Second State. SOLL was the first toolchain to compile Solidity smart contracts into WebAssembly bytecode, and was successfully deployed to Ethereum Foundation’s official Ewasm (Ethernet WebAssembly) test-net. SOLL perfected the toolchain currently lacking in Ethereum Ewasm, laying the foundation for the successful conversion of Ethereum 2.0.

According to reports, SOLL will also support the LLVM compiler enabling multiple smart contract programming languages, such as Rust and C++ on the front end. Support for various virtual machines on the back end aims to increase the efficiency and flexibility of blockchain development.

Second State is positioned as a blockchain technology and service provider dedicated to building software infrastructure and development tools for the public and corporate chains. Earlier this year, SIG Asia, Ethereum Classic, and the open source legend Marc Fleury made a total investment of $3 million dollars in Second State.

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