Ethereum employment ecosystem Opolis integrates Fortmatic’s web3 ID

Ethereum employment ecosystem Opolis integrates Fortmatic's web3 ID

Opolis, a project building a next-generation employment ecosystem for the self-sovereign worker, today announced a new partnership with Fortmatic to utilize web3 identity authentication. The partnership will allow Opolis members to easily access their employment accounts with their email or phone number and have their identity authenticated through Fortmatic on the Ethereum blockchain.

Features of Opolis’ Fortmatic Integration

Through membership with one of Opolis’ Guilds, or Decentralized Employment Organizations (DEOs), freelancers, creatives, consultants and gig workers can access the same high-quality benefits and services as full-time workers while remaining independent. Opolis will offer health insurance, cryptocurrency, and traditional retirement plans, tax compliance automation and more to Guild members.

Through the Fortmatic collaboration, Opolis will also offer Guild members the ability to:

Opolis members will have the option to use Fortmatic’s web3 integration; the alternative is creating a traditional web2 username and password for account access.

“Our team is excited to be able to offer these services. Opolis is building the most powerful collaboration of web3 technologies ever assembled. Fortmatic has a world-class team and has the user-friendly experience we need to onboard everyday people into the future of employment.”
John Paller, Opolis Founder