Elrond blockchain to anchor data on supply chain tracking app TailPath

Elrond, a recently launched blockchain network, announced today that its infrastructure will be used to anchor supply chain data on secure tracking management application TailPath.

The TailPath mobile app, created by SupplyBlockchain, Inc. will benefit from the collaboration with faster transaction times, enabling real-time reading and writing of data at negligible fees.

Through a development grant from by Elrond, SupplyBlockchain will take possession of ERD tokens to cover smart contract deployments and transaction fees for integration tests and customer acquisition.

“Blockchain technology is a perfect fit to address the inefficiencies of supply chains. We are pleased to support TailPath integrate their product with Elrond in a native manner, without adding unnecessary complexity via secondary tokens. This will keep the costs for their customers as low as possible while also providing a meaningful use for our ERD token and our overall infrastructure.”
– Beniamin Mincu, Elrond CEO

Their flagship product TailPath has already been successfully used in NATO military exercises, making it one of the world’s first blockchain use cases deployed for military purposes.

“The tremendous inefficiencies in the ever more complex global supply chains are posing real threats to human lives, damage our environment and cause losses that end-users pay out of pocket. SupplyBlockchain was created to help solve all these problems in as fast and efficient manner as possible. The high throughput and low-cost infrastructure developed by Elrond is a perfect fit with our vision, making them a natural partner to help us on our journey.”
– Sebastian Cochinescu, Founder & CEO of SupplyBlockchain, Inc.