Bitcoin exchange app Shakepay enables limit orders and TOTP 2FA

Shakepay, a commission-free bitcoin exchange, and trading application, announced today the addition of limit orders to allow users to buy or sell bitcoin (BTC) at a pre-set price.

For example. if a user wants to buy a set amount of BTC if the price drops below $11,000, they can now set it and forget it. When the buy price on Shakepay hits $11,000 or below the trade will be executed.

Enhanced 2FA

The Shakepay team is also integrating a new Time-based One-Time Password algorithm (TOTP) 2-factor authentication feature.

This security enhancement protects accounts from being accessed after a SIM swap. It also allows access to the 6-digit generated codes while traveling or when unable to access a device’s phone number.

The new Shakepay update (v1.4.7) is available on the web, Android, and iOS.

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