Crypto exchange HitBTC integrates Signals auto trading tools

Crypto exchange HitBTC integrates Signals auto trading strategies

HitBTC, a bitcoin and cryptocurrency exchange, announced today it has integrated Signals automated trading app, now available for all users. With Signals, users are now able to create or choose automated trading strategies available for most HitBTC crypto markets.

Instant trade processing between the Signals platform and the exchange provides the highest possible data resolution for the trading algorithms. This means managing 35,000 orders per second which takes place on HitBTC at peak times.

Signals Toolkit

The Signals marketplace allows users to compare, choose and deploy strategies created by experienced traders and developers.

Alternatively, using a C# framework, developers can follow a clear and easy syntax to design custom trading strategies and indicators themselves.

Backtesting tools from Signals enable users to run simulations on the HitBTC exchange and perform trading tests. Users can access data from up to one year back. Backtests provide necessary statistics about risk-taking and other detailed performance metrics of a strategy.

The Signals team is currently working on launching a mobile version of the application, planned to be available soon on both iOS and Android.

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