Waves launches blockchain node management tool

Waves launches blockchain node management tool extension - CryptoNinjas

Waves, the blockchain application platform, announced today the roll-out of its Waves Node extension to allow a miner to automate payouts for its lessors and to receive notifications about mining progress.

The Waves open blockchain protocol is maintained by full nodes and WAVES holders. Those who do not have the required hardware and 1,000 WAVES can lease their tokens to full nodes.

Now, to make Waves nodes even more reliable and attractive to lessors the Waves community has launched a toolkit that will automate part of nodes’ workflow.

Node Tools Extension

Payouts can be configured according to the following parameters:

  1. The block from which distribution will start
  2. Frequency
  3. Percentage

Notification types:

  1. Node is not generating blocks. Possible reasons: (settings were changed, a balance of fewer than 1,000 WAVES, a smart account feature was activated)
  2. Node generated a block and received a reward
  3. Generating balance changed
  4. Payouts were distributed

“We are working hard to improve existing tools and creating new ones. In the next update, you’ll be able to add an additional token for rewards. Nodes will be able to create “blacklists” of lessors. If you have found bugs or have ways to improve the extension, please write to Issues in Repository.”
– The Waves Team

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