Blockchain platform YGGDRASH launches mainnet

YEED is the native ERC-20 utility token of YGGDRASH

Blockchain platform YGGDRASH launches mainnet - CryptoNinjas

Multi-dimensional blockchain platform YGGDRASH, announced today it has now launched its mainnet. YGGDRASH aims to connect all real-world assets and other blockchains.

One of the main features of YGGDRASH is interchain, a technology that enables two separate blockchains to interact. There is also a combination of BRANCH Chain and STEM Chain…

interchain / BRANCH & STEM Chain

In YGGDRASH, a DApp is a BRANCH Chain, an independent blockchain untethered from the platform.

All DApps in YGGDRASH can keep their governances and consensus algorithms, and still be connected to many other DApps within YGGDRASH at the same time through STEM Chain.

Launching its first testnet last year, the mainnet activation shows the project’s progress in 2019.

In the near future, YGGDRASH is aiming to integrate more DApps to its platform through blockchain incubator D-STATION, who is assisting multiple projects to launch on the YGGDRASH network.

YGGDRASH documentation can be found on GitHub.

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