Bitcoin Exchange Thailand introduces dormant account fee

Bitcoin Co. Ltd. will introduce a dormant account service fee to maintain funds still held on by customers.

Bitcoin Exchange Thailand introduces dormant account fee

Bitcoin Exchange Thailand, a bitcoin and crypto exchange operated by Bitcoin Co. Ltd., has announced new service fees for dormant accounts starting this month.

Additionally, for these dormant accounts, the company will no longer offer an account login system. Customer withdrawals and balance queries must be made via the company’s official support tickets.

The initial service fee will be 200 THB (around USD $6.50) per month for each currency account held with the company. For cryptocurrency-based accounts, the service fee will be charged in that crypto based on the exchange rate at the time of the service charge.

The exchange says that service fees are planned to be increased over time in order to continue providing quality account support.

Other Details

Service fees will be post-paid; meaning customers can use an account maintenance service for one month and then pay for that service at the beginning of the following month. Services fees began accruing this month (November 1st, 2019), and are to be charged on December 1st, 2019.

Any customer who withdraws their entire balance during any given month will not be charged any service fee when the post-payment date comes due.

If a customer’s balance is insufficient to cover the service fee, then the service fee will be capped at the customer’s balance, and at no time will customers be charged fees beyond their balance, or have the balance become negative.

Any customers resistant to pay service fees are asked to withdraw their funds as soon as possible.

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