Aion blockchain team launches The Open Application Network

The Aion project, which launched in July 2017 focused on providing a scalable, private and interoperable public blockchain network, announced today the launch of The Open Application Network (OAN). The OAN is an open source public infrastructure for the creation and hosting of Open Applications (OAs).

Going forward, the Aion project will proceed under two distinct brands, connected and linked to a common vision: OAN and Aion. This will result in distinct narratives and go-to-market strategies for two audiences; platforms and their stakeholders, and the crypto ecosystem.


Aion launched its mainnet in April 2018, built the Aion Virtual Machine, the world’s first JVM compliant execution environment on a public chain, and established the Aion Foundation with 55 employees across 3 cities (Toronto, Shanghai, and Barbados).

The Open Application Network

The OAN is a public infrastructure that creates a new design space for OAs. As a public system, a global community of individuals, software companies, and institutions secure and maintain the operations of the network. The critical functions are enabled and incentivized through Aion. The usage of the network is metered and paid in Aion, compensating those contributing to its operations.

What does this mean to the Aion Network?

The Open Application Network (The OAN) is the brand of the technology, network, project, and team going forward. Aion is now exclusively the brand of the digital asset of The Open Application Network. (i.e. transactions on The OAN are paid in Aion).

“The OAN is exclusively focused on establishing a new paradigm of Open Applications within platform economies. We will be establishing this new design space by working directly with existing or early-stage technology platforms in markets such as e-commerce, mobility, content sharing, and loyalty. Entrepreneurs, developers and product managers can quickly start building Open Applications using our suite of Open Kits that target specific use cases and provide standard APIs, documentation, and templates all built using existing software standards, tools and best practices. By focusing on extending existing platform companies like Uber, Shopify, Slack, etc. with Open Application features or components, such as reputation, rewards or voting, The OAN can quickly drive early adoption.”
– The Aion Team