Mercury Digital Assets and UniCrypt launch European crypto liquidity pool

Mercury Digital Assets, a technology provider for digital asset markets, and the UniCrypt Group, an IT services company with expertise in delivering high-performance crypto-management and custody solutions, have announced the formation of a new liquidity pool.

This venue, based in Switzerland and Liechtenstein, is one of the first institutional liquidity pools for digital assets in Europe and is going live on Monday, November 18th.

“This new liquidity pool is a pivotal development for digital asset traders in Europe. Mercury has a fantastic pedigree of building this technology in the equities market, and we’re thrilled to partner with them to bring that technology into the crypto space.”
– Sean Prescott, Founder and Executive Chairman of the UniCrypt Group

This partnership will offer an end-to-end solution between the fiat and crypto world, providing banking services globally and a custody solution for digitized assets. The pool will allow for not only pure crypto trading, but trading of stablecoins and other digitized assets as well.

“These venues provide an important alternative for traders who seek the professional toolsets they’re used to from the capital markets, allowing them to perform large crypto trades with deterministic pricing and minimal impact on retail markets. We’re excited to partner with UniCrypt Group to create this opportunity in a new marketplace.”
– Joe Piotrowski, COO of Mercury

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