Eximchain launches blockchain app development tool: DappBot

Eximchain, a Singapore-headquartered blockchain company, today announced the launch of DappBot, its blockchain development tool that aims to lower barriers of entry for the adoption of blockchain solutions by creating a responsive user interface with scalable infrastructure and unique URL in just five minutes.

As blockchain technology gains traction, the relevant development expertise remains low with less than 1% of professional developers globally being blockchain developers. This short supply and high demand, coupled with a high barrier to entry for blockchain expertise, increase costs for business owners who want to utilize blockchain solutions. With blockchain being noted as having the potential to revolutionize the world’s economy, creating a time and cost-saving solution could be highly beneficial in unlocking its true capabilities and helping blockchain developers learn and add value to businesses.

DappBot looks at three core areas that can benefit a business – Speed, Scalability, and Simplicity.

DappBot Solution

DappBot aims to create a user-friendly application that makes it easy for developers to learn as well as exist as a tech solution that is time and cost-saving. Without a need for a complicated coding process, DappBot also aims to bring the public a blockchain offering without complicated coding processes.

With only a deployed smart contract and no coding, DappBot provides a clean, and responsive user interface. By freeing up time and lowering the cost for blockchain development, business owners can focus their efforts on adding value.

Hope Liu, CEO of Eximchain

“We wanted to build something that could help make that process a lot easier. Above its complexity, the blockchain world is moving so rapidly that many don’t have time to focus on differentiating their businesses or adding value to their current business models. Accelerating and digitizing processes in daily life has been the catalyst for several successful businesses. We are trying to do the same with DappBot to try and bring ease to the life of developers out there and help them add value to the business at large. We wanted to provide a model where blockchain developers and even business owners can initially evaluate DappBot’s usefulness to their daily workflow and learn about how it can add value to their business at no cost to them. We’re confident that DappBot can help them save time and costs.”
– Hope Liu, CEO of Eximchain

Instantly bootstrapping Dapps into the core competencies of your blockchain businesses can serve as a catalyst as it only takes three steps in five minutes with no DevOps needed. Looking at scalability, DappBot allows users to construct and share their blockchain application with a unique URL, thoroughly cross-checked against 165 countries ensuring reliability and ease.

Ultimately, DappBot was created for developers by developers and it allows users to integrate their DappBot API into their own products thus creating a smooth user experience for patrons of the software.

Current estimates suggest that by 2027, 10% of global GDP will be stored on the blockchain. In addition, Deloitte’s global blockchain survey revealed that 83% of businesses across industries view blockchain as a pragmatic solution that is scalable. With the increasing interconnectedness and intricacies of companies globally, businesses are looking at enterprise blockchain as a platform to aid business efficiency on a transparent and verified platform.

Blockchain developers can sign up at the following tiers:

Eximchain was founded in 2015 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) by Hope Liu, who holds an MBA from MIT and was previously overseeing global offshore transactions and settlements at a global investment bank, as well as Juan Huertas, a blockchain developer, and entrepreneur. Its vision is to help organizations around the world –from large MNCs to SMEs -implement blockchain solutions in Supply Chain Sourcing, Planning, Financing, and Logistics. Today, the company has offices in Singapore, the US, and China with a team of experienced advisors, blockchain developers, and designers.
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