Ethereum interface MyEtherWallet launches new Chrome extension

MEW CX is part of MEW’s ongoing efforts to provide a comprehensive suite of solutions for cryptocurrency users across the Ethereum ecosystem.

MEW (MyEtherWallet), the original Ethereum wallet and user interface, has launched MEW CX – its own Chrome extension equipped with a new burn address feature, so users can easily interact with the Ethereum blockchain and DApps (decentralized applications) while using a web browser.

The MEW CX extension gives users the full functionality of their MEW wallet, without having to go to the website; a shortcut which protects users from imposter phishing websites. Known phishing websites will be blocked by the extension, offering further protection to users.

“It is imperative that crypto solutions are designed to make it intuitive for users to transact in a secure manner. Unlike existing Chrome extensions for crypto transactions, MEW CX is the first to ensure that its users are in total control of which addresses and accounts they share with any DApps, making user privacy a first priority.”
– Kosala Hemachandra, Founder and CEO of MEW

In an industry-first, MEW CX has a feature that allows a user to generate a burn address that lets users safely and securely engage with DApps on the web. The burn address is a one-time use wallet address that does not hold any funds, is not connected to any other existing wallet address and will be destroyed at the end of the session.

This overcomes a key adoption hurdle, as the majority of available DApps require users to provide an Ethereum address before they can explore or interact with their platforms.

With the burn address, users cannot make any transactions. Instead, they can explore DApps without making a commitment, inadvertently spending any cryptocurrency, or revealing their more permanent wallet addresses where funds are held.

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