Bity’s Swiss crypto ATM network adds litecoin (LTC) buy/sell support

Bity SA, a Swiss bitcoin/crypto brokerage and ATM network with 12 locations currently operating across the country, announced today that it has added full support for litecoin (LTC).

Users of Bity’s network can now buy LTC, BTC, ETH, and XMR with CHF or EUR. The Bity team has also enabled selling for LTC alongside BTC for cash withdrawals in CHF.

Daily limits on the network allow for the completion of up to 5,000 CHF buy and/or sell volume.

“Continuing on our trend of rolling out new features and upgrades to our products, we can now happily announce that Litecoin (LTC) is available to buy and sell on our crypto ATMs. Litecoin has a community of developers that is very linked to the Bitcoin community. We feel that supporting Litecoin, adding on/off ramps of Litecoin with cash, helps to support the Bitcoin community as a whole.”
– The Bity SA Team

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