Hydro Labs fine-tunes its next-generation crypto wallet for release

Development for Vault began back on March 29th, 2019

Hydro Labs, the maintainers of Project Hydro and open-blockchain development ecosystem, announced some new updates to their anticipated Vault cryptocurrency wallet.

The first new feature added enables users to choose their preferred security mechanism, either Hydro’s Raindrop 2FA, or Google Authy. Further, users now have the option to set up multiple wallets per account. This feature allows for different configurations, better organization of assets, or multiple members.

The Vault wallet development team has also simplified the login steps to the app. Users will never need MetaMask or any other third party tool to access the Vault wallet, only a web browser will be needed.

Finnaly, there are no more username and password creation rules. The latest Vault wallet update allows a user to login with only an email and Vault will take care of the rest.

Hydro Labs will soon release a public version of the Vault crypto wallet

Hydro Vault

Vault is the first wallet with 2FA integrated into the smart contract. This is achieved through Hydro’s Raindrop authentication protocol. Added phishing protection plus custom security features will make this decentralized wallet the most unique in the space. Users will be able to store large amounts of cryptocurrency protected by advanced security features in the Hydro smart contracts.