Chorus One partners with Regen Network to lay the groundwork for sustainable Proof-of-Stake

Published by Regen Network

Chorus One is one of the most professional and well-known Proof-of-Stake validators in the emerging ecosystem of staking service providers. A healthy Proof-of-Stake network depends on a solid community and validators, both of which Chorus provides. They run an active podcast and blog prolifically to educate the crypto community about the technical and economic nuances underpinning stake-based decentralized technologies

For those seeking to learn more about the Cambrian explosion of business models and networks powered by Proof-of-Stake, check out the Staking Economy blog written by Chorus One and a fellow Regen Network lead validator Chris Remus of Chainflow.

Regen Network is proudly partnering with Chorus One on multiple levels. First, our team is working with theirs to leverage Regen Network’s capacity to support ecological agreements in order to offset their carbon footprint through the Rainforest Foundation pilot. This is a fun and exciting way that Chorus is supporting Indigenous people stewarding the Amazon in a way that boldly reverses damage being done to one of the most important ecosystems on the planet.

Secondly, Chorus One has partnered with RND INC, the company building Regen Network, to provide dedicated validation service as a lead validator. Chorus One is helping to both secure the network and lead the global validator community through the six-month-long process of testnets leading up to mainnet launch.

This partnership models a decentralized approach to network building, and we are deeply grateful for Chorus One’s expertise and leadership ensuring a smooth path towards the creation of the world’s first ecological claims and data distributed ledger and smart contracting platform.

Finally, CEO of Chorus One Brian Crain has put his money where his mouth is as a lead investor in the Regen Network platform. We are grateful to have industry leaders like Brian participating in our private token sale. Brian parallels our beliefs in the ways technology can be in service to the planet. With deep strategic alignment from Chorus One and Brian, two leaders in the new and quickly growing staking economy, we are confident in Regen Network’s road ahead.

About Chorus One

Chorus One is a pioneering provider of blockchain infrastructure and staking services. The team is focused on offering non-custodial, secure, and user-friendly ways to participate in Proof-of-Stake networks.

About Regen Network

Regen Network is a global marketplace & contracting platform for Earth’s ecosystem assets, services, and data.

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