Crypto exchange LATOKEN launching major new upgrades

While the upgrades take place, there will be downtime on Tuesday October. 29th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm UTC

LATOKEN CryptoNinjas

LATOKEN, a popular cryptocurrency exchange company, this week is set to implement a new set of major upgrades for the benefit of all users. Over the past few months, the LATOKEN team has been working hard on a new, re-built platform, to significantly enhance the user experience. The upgrade features 200x faster speeds and a new mobile app among other updates.

See below the coming changes which will affect all aspects of the platform, internally and externally:

200x Faster Engine

LATOKEN engineers have reworked every detail inside the platform to make it much faster and more stable. The new engine has increased TPS (Trades Per Second) by 200x and lowered round trip time 50x.

New Design

The update will see the implementation of a complete redesign of the exchange to make it more convenient and visually appealing. Most of all, the changes affected the trading terminal, it now has a more clear and comfortable look to make for better user experience.

Spot and Wallet Accounts

The LATOKEN platform will now divide users account into two: one for deposits and withdrawals and another one for trading. Users can transfer funds between them at any time.

Market Orders

The exchange now features a quick market order “Buy” button, which did not previously exist.

Mobile App Beta Launch

Soon to be live will be the highly anticipated LATOKEN native mobile app for iOS and Android.

First, the company will run a beta test for specific LATOKEN users to let them try the app before the main launch, this is in order to get quick user feedback and implement any bug fixes, etc.

“This is not the last update: margin trading, iceberg orders, API key management, multi-language support, and a powerful referral program are around the corner. But before that, we will release the mobile app for iOS and Android. Stay tuned!”
– The LATOKEN Team

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