AMLT Token Network integrates Bitcoin Cash (BCH)

AMLT Token Network, an anti-money laundering solution for blockchain from Coinfirm, announced today that it now supports Bitcoin Cash (BCH).

Forming the backbone of the platform, members of the AMLT Network contribute valid data on blockchain addresses into the AMLT Network including their own addresses. Network members are paid in AMLT token each month for their contributions.

Shown below is a “High-Risk” AML Risk Report for a BCH address flagged as a scam. Starting today anyone can report BCH addresses into the AMLT Token Network and earn rewards as a network member.

BCH is already integrated on the Coinfirm AML Platform, all valid reported addresses will now be included on the AMLT Token Network

AMLT Token / Network

AMLT is the token used on the Coinfirm AML Platform, and the mechanism behind the AMLT Network.

Established by Coinfirm, a provider of regulatory technology solutions for blockchain and cryptocurrency, AMLT creates a system where members around the world can report addresses and evidence tied to nefarious actors in the crypto economy and be rewarded for it in AMLT.

Among other benefits such as exclusive data and high-risk lists, AMLT can be used for discounted AML products and services from Coinfirm, which provides anti-money laundering services to more than 140+ companies in both crypto and traditional spaces.

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