Totle’s ERC20 DEX liquidity now accessible on Cryptowatch platform

Totle, a provider of price-optimized, decentralized liquidity for popular ERC-20 tokens by aggregating top DEXs into a single API, announced today that traders can now use the Cryptowatch platform from Kraken to access its decentralized exchange data/liquidity.

Cryptowatch and Totle teamed up to allow users to execute cryptocurrency trading strategies on both centralized exchanges and decentralized financial applications from a single platform.


The Cryptowatch platform, acquired back in March 2017 by Kraken, is integrated with multiple popular cryptocurrency exchanges to provide users with a holistic view of the cryptocurrency market. This enables users to conduct a robust analysis of the market, view macro-level trends, and determine the optimal conditions to execute trades.

By selecting Totle to query pricing on Cryptowatch, users will now be able to assess the performance of top ERC-20s at decentralized exchange venues – and gain an even broader awareness of the market. Fully integrated decentralized trade execution leveraging Totle’s price discovery and smart-order-routing will follow in the near future.

Cryptowatch is available on both desktop and mobile

“We’re excited to put a spotlight on the decentralized exchange ecosystem by integrating with Totle. DeFi has a lot of potential to continue pushing the world down the path that Bitcoin started and we think Totle is the perfect partner to work within promoting it.”
– Artur Sapek, Founder of Cryptowatch

Totle Integration

Cryptowatch pulls pricing information from the Totle API to display real-time on-chain trade data for top ERC-20 pairs across DEXs.

Totle is able to provide this information by aggregating top decentralized exchanges. Totle currently integrates Kyber, Bancor, 0x Mesh, AirSwap, UniSwap, and other leading liquidity sources.

Kyber, one of the leading decentralized exchanges, is delighted to be working with Totle to provide Cryptowatch with decentralized exchange data. “This will improve users’ ability to blend decentralized and centralized trading strategies together.”
– Loi Luu, CEO of Kyber Network

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