Crypto wallet Multis integrates auto Ethereum (ETH) investment strategies

The team of Multis has integrated TokenSets decentralized asset management solution to allow for companies to automate trading strategies to increase their total ETH holdings.

Multis ETH

Multia, a crypto wallet management app designed for businesses, recently announced that companies can now invest Ethereum (ETH) through a new automated trading strategies integration from TokenSets , directly from their Multis account.

The Multis platform features self-custody, users are always in control of their keys. Funds are locked into an audited and open-source smart contract, and TokenSets also has no access.

Currently, Multis offers two types of trend strategies: ETH 12/26-day exponential moving average crossover, and ETH 20/50-day moving average crossover.

In a bearish Ethereum market, ETH will be automatically swapped into stablecoins to limit losses. In a bullish ETH market, stablecoins will be automatically swapped back into ETH to benefit from price appreciation.

How it Works

First, users need to create a multisignature wallet on Multis and transfer crypto. From the Multis company dashboard, select ETH and choose a preferred strategy. There’s no minimum amount. Initiate one of the investment strategies noted above and it then must be confirmed by the team via an email. Tokensets and Multis are designed to let users withdraw funds whenever they need it.

“At Multis, we strive to help companies make the most of their crypto so they can focus on building amazing products and drive crypto adoption forward. We released this summer an integration with Compound, to enable companies to earn interest on their stablecoins. But many companies still hold significant amounts of ETH that just sit idle in their wallets.”
– The Multis Team

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