Security token platform Polymath improves fee structure

Polymath New Fees CryptoNinjas

Polymath, a platform for the issuance and management of security tokens, has announced a realignment of usage fees with additional value-added to all users. Effective December 1st, 2019 usage fees for Polymath technology will be updated.

Check out below an updated list of activities and corresponding fees in POLY, the Polymath network access token:

Action Usage Fee
Ticker Symbol Reservation 2,500 POLY
Security Token Creation 10,000 POLY
Manual Distribution of Security Tokens No usage fee
Automated Distribution of Security Tokens via Simple STO 50,000 POLY
Automated Distribution of Security Tokens via USD Tiere STO 150,000 POLY

With ST20 v3.0, Polymath’s most recent release, the Polymath network is now fully compatible with ERC1400. This means there is now support for more advanced capabilities designed to enhance the transparency, tradability, and efficiency of security tokens while delivering regulators and regulated entities the tools they need to maintain and enforce compliance.

“From inception, Polymath has focused on the development of smart contract and software applications for the purpose of creating, distributing and managing security tokens on the blockchain, all fuelled by POLY. Our focused effort led to the release of ST20 v1.0 on Ethereum mainnet in August 2018 followed by the release of the Polymath Token Studio. Since then, the Polymath team has continued to improve and enhance our ST20 protocol, spearheading industry-wide standardization (ERC1400 — the Security Token Standard), and developing new modules to further improve the efficiency and transparency of capital markets.”
– The Polymath Team

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