EdenChain launches version 1.0 of Mobile Asset Manager for DApps

EdenChain is a third generation blockchain platform


EdenChain, a permissioned blockchain technology platform, today released version 1.0 of its Mobile Asset Manager (MoA). MoA 1.0 supports both mobile and desktop environments. Users are no longer limited to use just the desktop version of DApps.

An EdenChain wallet is integrated within the MoA to provide an easy multi-currency payment solution. Users are able to swap between major cryptocurrencies and finalize payments all within the MoA.

Users already signed up for Dorothy.Network, a DApp marketplace, are able to use the same account information to access the EdenChain MoA. For dApps that already partnered and integrated with EdenChain, they will be able to access MoA directly from those dApps.

EdenChain is a permissioned blockchain platform, and incorporates advantages from a hybrid structure to make MoA both secure and convenient for users:

Future updates will include:

  1. KYC process – Currently, MoA does not require any KYC process. This may change in the future as MoA expands the range of services it provides. The EdenChain team is currently laying down the groundwork to expand MoA’s functionalities to make it more readily adoptable by both individuals and enterprises in varying industries.
  2. Polishing MoA – Continuous updates and improved features for user accessibility and stability
  3. More exchange options – The EdenChain team is working on increasing the number of cryptocurrencies users can exchange within the MoA.

“Our aim is to create a crypto wallet that is both easy and functional for people with any levels of crypto knowledge. To help you spread the words on MoA, we will post more articles related to it: MoA and its value, tutorials on different functionalities provided in MoA, and so on. As with all things tech-related, our work is never done. EdenChain is constantly working to upgrade MoA in order to provide users with a better and more seamless experience. We appreciate your continued support.”
– The EdenChain Team