Coinstone Capital launching blockchain fund powered by RIDDLE&CODE

Coinstone Capital, a Dutch blockchain investment fund, is deploying RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution for their crypto-asset focused Alternative Investment Fund with an initial target fund size of €35M.

Coinstone Capital launching blockchain fund powered by RIDDLE&CODE

RIDDLE&CODE, a European-based provider of blockchain interface solutions, and Coinstone Capital a dedicated crypto-asset investment fund, today announced the deployment of RIDDLE&CODE’s Asset Management Solution as the custodial solution to power Coinstone’s new blockchain-based Alternative Investment Fund – Coinstone Decentralised One.

This custody solution has been operational with a Swiss bank for several quarters. It writes all transactions to a blockchain. The hardware design incorporates the six-eye principle with enough flexibility to allow for signatories to sign on-the-go. Compliance that would usually be controlled by strict procedures and processes is now integrated into the technology, offering an unalterable audit trail and unequaled levels of transparency.

“We aim to become the go-to partner for high-net-worth individuals, family offices and institutions who want to enter the crypto-asset space with ticket between €100k and €3m. Fund managers in the crypto-assets space normally face a difficult compromise. Safety concerns force the use of clumsy cold storage techniques that make it impossible to respond to volatile market movements. The alternative – mitigating volatility risk by keeping the funds on exchanges is, of course, unacceptable. For the first time ever, as proactive blockchain fund managers, we can combine banking-grade security with active risk management beyond the ordinary buy-and-hold strategies. The solution is already in use with regulated banks which also puts us in good stead to address anticipated regulatory demands.”
– Gys Hough, a managing partner at Coinstone

“For the first time, RIDDLE&CODE takes its banking-grade technology into an adjacent industry. After announcing our first banking client earlier this year, we are particularly excited to have won Coinstone Capital as our first Investment Fund client. They are leading the way in making blockchain-based investments more readily available. Our Platform was a perfect fit to offer the level of flexibility they needed while maintaining the highest level of security.”
– Alexander Koppel, Co-founder and CEO at RIDDLE&CODE