CoinEx Chain launches node elections, joins with 4 others

Before the official election begins, CoinEx will release a nodes pre-election, and users can familiarize themselves with the official election process by participating in the pre-selection...

Next,, RockX, IFWallet and CETDAC announced as node partners

CoinEx Chain, a public chain from crypto exchange CoinEX designed exclusively for decentralized exchange (DEX), announced today the official launch of CoinEx Chain’s nodes election.

At a conference today introducing the elections, Eddie Jiang, CMO of CoinEx, outlined the detailed rules for becoming one of CoinEx Chain’s 42 nodes and the related rewards.

The profits of nodes are mainly from block production rewards and transaction fees. The CoinEx Foundation will offer 350 million CET (CoinEx Token) in total as block production reward., RockX, IFWallet, and CETDAC were selected to join CoinEx Chain’s nodes election.

“We strongly recognize the vision of CoinEx Chain and are willing to become nodes and participate in ecosystem building,” Ruixi Wang, founder of said at the conference.

“Currently, the development of public chains faces many problems: performance, expansibility, privacy protection, cross-chain, and so on. CoinEx Chain’s solution is the parallelism of dedicated public chains: DEX Chain, Smart Chain and Privacy Chain, each of which performs its own functions, by cross-chaining for both high performance and flexibility.”
– Jiazhi Jiang, Lead Developer of CoinEx Chain

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