HealthVerity and LiveRamp create private link for tokenized ID and health data

Healthverity Liveramp

HealthVerity, a blockchain-enabled platform for the rapid creation, exchange, and management of healthcare and consumer data, and LiveRamp, a platform that makes data accessible and meaningful, announced a partnership that will enable the connection of digital behavior with healthcare data in a privacy-centric, HIPAA-compliant manner.

Through this partnership and the creation of a privacy-protecting linkage between the patient’s offline and online media activity and their healthcare data, marketers in healthcare organizations can now better understand the impact that digital outreach has on a patient’s most important healthcare decisions.

“The power of this solution comes from the underlying technology of HealthVerity Census. Our industry-best de-identification and matching technology tokenizes each individual with a unique and persistent ID (HVID) that remains consistent across disparate data sources. With the combination of LiveRamp IdentityLink, an extended view of the patient can now be followed through digital campaigns and media impressions. The result gives marketers an unprecedented view into the patient journey.”
Andrew Kress, CEO, and Co-Founder of HealthVerity

The healthcare and pharma industry has consistently lagged in digital advertising spend, accounting for just 2.8% of the total US digital ad spend in 2019 and 2020. In the past, there has been limited technological sophistication that hindered the delivery of patient insights.

With this new solution, organizations are able to resolve and connect data in a HIPAA-compliant manner through HealthVerity’s de-identification engine (HealthVerity Census) and LiveRamp’s identity resolution platform (IdentityLink). Patient journey touchpoints can be connected from ad campaign impressions and brand website views to doctor visits and prescription fills, giving patients a more relevant, personalized and informed healthcare experience.

“From wearable technology to telemedicine, to voice assistant apps and provider web-portals/mobile apps, the healthcare industry has extended its reach—and the patient experience—far beyond the four walls of the doctor’s office. Amidst these trends, patients have come to expect care that is more intuitive and accessible. By tying IdentityLink to the HealthVerity Marketplace, we’re able to empower healthcare companies to drive higher engagement and deliver more personalized care.”
Yuchen Feng, Head of Healthcare, LiveRamp

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