Coda Protocol begins next testnet phase allowing users to operate nodes

Coda is the first cryptocurrency protocol with a constant-sized blockchain

O(1) Labs, the software development company building Coda Protocol, today announced the start of the next phase of Coda Protocol’s testnet in beta, starting with release 2.1, which will allow users to operate nodes on a cryptocurrency network utilizing their succinct blockchain technology.

The O(1) Labs team also announced that it has established a Testnet Advisory Board, and will welcome two industry leaders, Zaki Manian and Luke Youngblood, as technical advisors.

Coda Protocol, the first succinct blockchain that can remain decentralized at scale, has seen a rapid progression and advanced in significant ways. Some of Coda’s breakthroughs include:

Advisory Board

The Testnet Advisory Board is in keeping with the collaborative nature of the blockchain industry.

According to Emre Tekisalp, Director of Business Development at O(1) Labs, ‘We’re seeing a cambrian explosion of open source and peer-to-peer networks. As the industry iterates on what will become mission-critical infrastructure for the internet, it’s imperative that we collaborate.’

Zaki Manian is Head of Research at Tendermint, which pioneered a new standard in the way Proof of Stake networks are launched with the first adversarial, incentivized testnet, ‘Game of Stakes’ on the Cosmos network. He is also the co-founder of iqlusion, which provides a secure infrastructure for next-generation blockchain networks. According to Manian, ‘Coda Protocol’s public testnets and demonstration of succinct blockchains are phenomenal technical achievements. The technology has profound implications for scalability and interoperability.”

Luke Youngblood is the founder and CEO of Blockscale, an early pioneer of blockchain and crypto technologies. In 2018, he helped launch the Tezos network by creating the staking infrastructure for the Tezos Foundation, becoming the largest decentralized proof of stake validator in the world overnight. “I’m thrilled to join Coda Protocol as a testnet advisor. Developers have built some amazing decentralized apps, but to date, these apps have always required some centralized infrastructure. I’m excited about the potential of Coda to enable developers to build truly decentralized apps.”

“We are thrilled to welcome Zaki and Luke, both of whom bring a wealth of expertise and are well respected in the industry, into our community. The Testnet Advisory Board will allow us to iterate even more quickly towards a mainnet candidate,” said Evan Shapiro, co-founder, and CEO at O(1) Labs.