Blockchain business cloud Kaleido adds MythX to secure smart contracts

The combination of Kaleido’s native smart contract management solution with MythX’s security analysis service gives blockchain developers and enterprises alike a truly end-to-end managed service.

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Kaleido, a ConsenSys-backed company and blockchain business cloud platform, has announced the addition of enterprise smart contract management as a native component on the Kaleido platform, giving customers the ability to manage how smart contracts are deployed and by whom.

The Kaleido team also confirmed the addition of leading smart contract verification solution, MythX, to the Kaleido marketplace. MythX smart contract verification allows businesses anad organizations to use smart contracts securely, with push-button ease, to scan for vulnerabilities, and detect issues before deploying. This powerful capability will greatly reduce expensive errors and create trust.

“Governing smart contracts, which contain shared business logic across companies, is a difficult obstacle for blockchain consortia to manage. Kaleido now gives an ‘enterprise deploy’ option for contracts with governance, workflow, versioning, security and firewall protection built-in.”
– Kaleido Founder and CEO Steve Cerveny


MythX scans for security vulnerabilities in Ethereum and other EVM-based blockchain smart contracts. It provides a comprehensive range of analysis techniques accessible through tools developers already use and directly through a powerful API. The MythX suite of industry-leading analysis techniques—including static analysis, dynamic analysis, and symbolic execution—accurately detects security vulnerabilities and provides an in-depth analysis report. The MythX integration is now available in the Kaleido Marketplace.

“MythX is excited to partner with Kaleido to bring new capabilities to the smart contract management solution and to increase the reach of our new MythX security analysis service in small developer teams as well as enterprises building web3 solutions. MythX runs as a SaaS service in the cloud bringing heavy compute power to the dynamic analysis and fuzzing capabilities, and is integrated with popular development tools like Truffle, Remix, and VS Code so teams can easily include security scanning into their daily workflows right from their favorite client tools.”
– Tom Lindeman, co-founder of MythX

Kaleido Blockchain SaaS

Kaleido’s native smart contract capability also supports Truffle and is integrated with Github. For the first time ever on an Ethereum-based network, users can now verify and audit which lines of code were executed for every transaction.

Kaleido is the only full-stack blockchain SaaS that is enterprise and consortia-ready. By partnering with AWS and Azure, Kaleido’s platform spans leading cloud platforms and even hybrid deployments for a seamless multi-cloud experience. Kaleido’s enterprise B2B capabilities empower companies to modernize their business networks with decentralized technology and to accelerate innovation with pre-integrated essential enterprise tools and technologies.

In 2018, Kaleido launched its enterprise blockchain marketplace to offer a range of leading innovative services that provide clients with flexibility and choice. Organizations running on Kaleido have accelerated their enterprise-grade production deployments and business results.

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