Bitcoin (BTC) support now available on API provider Amberdata

Bitcoin now available on Amberdata, a single integration unlocking multi-blockchain features

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Amberdata, a cryptocurrency data/analytics API provider for businesses and developers, has announced the release of RPC, REST and Websocket support for Bitcoin within Amberdata’s comprehensive API platform. As of now, Bitcoin’s full blockchain data is available for use in queries, analysis, actions, and reporting.

For the past year, the Amberdata team has been building products and services that help grow the cryptocurrency and blockchain ecosystem. Their vision is to make peer-to-peer economic assets simple to integrate, allowing businesses to focus on delivering their core products.

“We’re excited to be launching Bitcoin protocol and cryptocurrency within our platform. Now it’s as simple as connecting directly to a unified API. On top of the basics — blockchain connectivity, raw blockchain data like blocks, transactions, account current balances — we have added the full context of market data within each data type. Knowing and acting on market data is now possible without needing to connect, map, store and deliver 20+ APIs.”
– The Amberdata Team


Using Bitcoin with Amberdata means no syncing required, no cli, no protocol learning curve, no dev-ops or server management. Developers can add Bitcoin within minutes. Using Amberdata includes:

  1. REST — A full API with standardized data sets, across blockchains
  2. WebSockets — Streaming data and updates, realtime from the network
  3. RPC — Connect directly to the node without running the node

For businesses and applications, this brings reduced cost, high speed, high throughput, full availability including historical data.

For investors, traders, exchanges, wallets, now it is possible to connect directly to a unified market and blockchain API.

To get started, developers can enable Bitcoin by getting a free API key, and making their first request, which is all supported by extensive documentation.