Quantum-safe cryptographic security firm ISARA opens European office

ISARA, a leading provider of quantum-safe and crypto-agile security, today announced the opening of a European office to collaborate with partners and customers modernizing cryptographic defenses to become more flexible and resistant to emerging threats.

Based in London, Managing Director for Europe, Middle East, and Asia Sinisha Patkovic will work with a range of European manufacturers – from automakers to chipset vendors – and governments preparing for the advent of practical quantum computers. Quantum computers operate differently than classical computers, with vastly more processing power to solve difficult problems – including traditionally secure encryption algorithms.

“Across the business and technology worlds, agility has become necessary to compete in changing markets – and now IT security and underlying cryptography platforms must become agile to confront new and emerging cyber threats,” said Patkovic, who joined ISARA from BlackBerry, where he advised government customers on security solutions.

“As ISARA’s work with European companies and governments expands, our enhanced presence will deepen these relationships and help others make their products and systems more cyber-resilient and protect against quantum computing’s unprecedented threat.”


ISARA works with government and OEMs globally to provide the expertise and tools – such as ISARA Radiate Quantum-Safe Toolkit and ISARA Catalyst Agile Digital Certificate Technology – that enable customers and partners to begin a path toward quantum-safe security.

Patkovic will manage ISARA’s European sales and business development efforts and educate organizations about the quantum threat – the point at which a quantum computer can crack classical encryption algorithms protecting everything from bank records to military secrets.

“Sinisha is uniquely suited to lead initiatives in EMEA, given his regional experience and deep technical knowledge of enterprise security, mobile computing and the Internet of Things. Building on our existing work with innovators such as Volkswagen Group and Thales, Europe will continue to be a major player in quantum advances.”
– ISARA CEO and Co-founder Scott Totzke

Patkovic has represented the technology industry in private-public dialog on issues of data privacy and national surveillance regulations, and he serves on the board of EEMA, a leading European think-tank.

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