Ethos crypto asset ecosystem re-brands token to align with Voyager

This development demonstrates another step towards the integration of Ethos’ technology into the Voyager ecosystem.

Ethos token rebrands to Voyager token CryptoNinjas

Ethos, a crypto asset service ecosystem, which was acquired by cryptocurrency brokerage company Voyager earlier this year, announced that their legacy Ethos token (ETHOS) will be re-branding to the newly introduced Voyager token (VGX).

For the token swap, it is recommended for users to hold their tokens in the Ethos Universal Wallet (which is now a Voyager product) or in the Voyager app. ETHOS will be automatically swapped 1-1 in exchange for VGX tokens. There will be no changes to the smart contract or total supply.

In November, the plan is to launch the new utility token, which will power the Voyager platform.

Currently, Voyager offers trading and storage of nearly 30 coins with both fiat and crypto funding.

Below is a letter from Shingo Lavine, Ethos Founder, and CEO to the community on recent events:

We are happy and excited to announce that the Ethos Token (ETHOS) will be rebranding to the Voyager Token (VGX). This has been a long time coming and is a significant step towards integrating the Voyager and Ethos products and communities. We believe that this rebrand will give the community and joint companies an amazing opportunity to build a Regulated Crypto Broker that the crypto market deserves.

When the Ethos and Voyager teams first met, both sides realized that there was a deeply shared vision and mission. Ethos was founded on the idea of building a financial ecosystem that is open, safe and fair for everyone. Voyager is making crypto markets more accessible and secure for consumers, and their product was very much in line with the original vision of Ethos. Both sides had technology and expertise that complemented one another and we knew that by teaming up, we would have the resources and reach to challenge the incumbents in the space.

Since the announcement of the merger, Ethos has been able to exponentially accelerate Voyager’s growth and expansion, both by bolstering customer acquisition and by opening up additional product features such as crypto deposits and withdrawals. This rapid product build-out shows just a sliver of the potential of our collaboration. Ethos has come a long way and everything that has been built is positioned perfectly to be utilized and massively accelerate a bold, global product roadmap. With the closing of the deal and regulatory approval, we’re ready to take the next step in this journey.

Our community is important to us at Ethos and we wanted to reward Ethos token holders who have been supportive for a long time by bringing them additional utility outside of what exists within the Universal Wallet. As part of this, it made a lot of sense for ETHOS to become the native token for Voyager and to be aptly named the Voyager Token (VGX).

All Ethos tokens you hold will be automatically switched to Voyager Tokens (VGX) on all platforms which support the rebrand. In order to best take advantage of the token name and ticker symbol change, we recommend that you hold your tokens either on the Ethos Universal Wallet or on the Voyager app, as both platforms will be natively supporting the change. Tokens will be automatically re-named 1-1 with no smart contract or supply changes necessary, as this is not an official token swap.  We’ll be working with all services which support the Ethos Token to support the rebrand, stay tuned for more!

In addition to the existing utility of the Ethos token that powers the Universal Wallet, new functionality will be added to enable Live Trading of self-custodied funds along with discounts and cashback rewards to traders who use the Voyager app and brokerage services. We will also be releasing an updated whitepaper (version 3.0.0) when the rebrand has been fully executed. Stay tuned for that as we lay out our exciting vision for the future!

We appreciate the support of the Ethos Fam as we move into the next chapter with Voyager!


Shingo Lavine, Ethos Founder, and CEO

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