Scribbles Software releases blockchain-based student records product

Scribbles Software has expanded their Student Lifecycle products to include a new blockchain-based student record, choice program-badging, and parent engagement platform for K-12 districts.

Scribbles Software, a company serving the K-12 market since 2011, has announced the availability of validation of millions of student records in its newly released, blockchain-based product.

With this solution, K-12 administrators can provide students with ownership of their student records, transcripts, choice certifications and earned achievements. This solution enables a student’s learning history and digital academic records to be verified and referred with certainty, eliminating the need for a verifying middle-man

The new platform, uses top-tier, highly secure and standards-compliant technology. Utilizing the blockchain establishes provenance, transparency, and authenticity of scholastic achievements between students, schools, and third-parties.

The enhanced platform will allow students and learners of all ages to carry with them a digital, trusted record of their achievements that can easily and quickly be verified by future employers or educational institutions. Students, with the permission of their K-12 district, can own their student records, and achievements. In addition, K-12 districts can now remove themselves from the day-to-day of verifying student records for third-parties.

“It is a true honor that we can provide the benefits of this technology on such a large scale. This first step enables schools to empower students, reduce costs, and lays the foundation for exciting future applications which will allow students to use their data in new and powerful ways.”
– Founding Partner of Scribbles Software Ron Christian

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