Relaunched Dai based DEX Oasis Trade now open

The original Oasis as one of the first places people went to purchase and trade Dai, and one of a few DEXs that operated completely on-chain, which played a large role in the success of the MakerDAO project

The Maker Foundation, today announced that the “new” Oasis Trade is now live. Oasis Trade is an updated version of, built on the OasisDEX Protocol.

Users are able to trade  BAT, REP,  ETH, and ZRX against DAI.

On January 31, the and Oasis.Direct front ends were shut down, with the Maker Foundation announcing plans to create a new Oasis.

While the OasisDEX Protocol supports trades of any ERC20 token, Oasis Trade will currently only offer tokens that help increase the adoption of Dai and the Maker Protocol.

Details of the policy that guides how digital assets are evaluated for inclusion in Oasis Trade can be found in the Oasis Trade Digital Asset Assessment Framework.

“The OasisDEX Protocol is the biggest on-chain liquidity pool for the ETH/DAI market and it is fundamental to the health of the entire DeFi ecosystem. We hope that by providing a great trading experience for other tokens used as collateral for MCD, we will significantly increase their liquidity and adoption, boosting further the phenomenal growth DeFi has enjoyed in the last year.”
– Bartek Kiepuszewski, Head of Oasis at Maker

Maker is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that manages the Dai Stablecoin System on the Ethereum blockchain.