Vaultoro revamps interface, releasing Lightning-based tokenized gold

The user interface has been redesigned to serve both newcomers and experienced crypto traders.

Vaultoro, the market’s first gold crypto-hedging solution since 2015, released today a revamped version of its commodities exchange based on a new C++ modular engine optimized for high-frequency trading, clocking up to 1.2 million trades per second.

“Our goal is to become the largest and most modern commodities trading platform in the world and to do that we need a perfect foundation. We have put in hundreds of hours into R&D to meticulously bring the security and speed crypto investors need,” said Vaultoro co-founder Joshua Scigala.

More than 20.000 investors have traded over $95 million worth of physical gold on the platform. Gold holdings are insured by Helvetia, audited by BDO International, stored by Brink’s Switzerland and ProAurum Switzerland.


Further, Vaultoro is working to launch a gold-backed coin (VGOLD) by the end of the year, based on the Lightning Network token protocol RGB. VGold aims to provide a secure system to transact with physical gold, and is backed with a minimum of 100% physically allocated investment-grade bullion.

“Our company was the first order book exchange to enable Lightning Network and we have contributed many hours developing on it. We see so much potential in payment channels and RGB provides the framework we need. This will enable use cases like serialized gold bars to be fully allocated, while the ownership is transferred over the Bitcoin network using the much faster second layer.” said Scigala.

The stable-coin asset class has become a key part of the crypto ecosystem, and has an estimated value of $4.8 billion. Unlike other so-called “stable coins” VGold will be the first in the market to be insured and audited.

With this revamped new version, other trading pairs of cryptocurrencies and precious metals will soon be available. Starting today, the Dash / Gold pair will be debuting on Vaultoro.

“We have had multiple crypto projects asking for the ability to hedge in real physical gold as it can be insured and audited, unlike FIAT-based stable coins. Dash is our first option because I really like all the work the Dash community has invested in broadening cryptocurrency adoption in Venezuela and around the world. After Dash, we will be looking at the top 10 cryptos. Any project we list has to be legal, solve a real problem and have a large enthusiastic community.” said Scigala.

Vaultoro is already backed by startup VCs Techstars and Finlab AG, and is now preparing a new round of investment to help push VGold into the market. An equity fundraising campaign is now live on

“Our community is everything to us. We would like to give them the rare opportunity of owning actual stock of our company, so they can help us shape our products and vision while harvesting some of
the benefits” said Joshua Scigala.

Details of the campaign — and exclusive benefits — will be released today to registered Vaultoro users.

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