PIVX releases new crypto management platform Exobit

The Exobit app will be translated into over 10+ major languages and available worldwide


The community of cryptocurrency PIVX, has announced the release of Exobit. The goal of Exobit is to be a daily crypto platform and user bridge for the cryptocurrency space. The Exobit app features multi-wallet functionality, and also includes a local point of sale (POS) and store inventory system.

Exobit Ecosystem Features

The Exobit platform supports Bitcoin and PIVX in all of the available features such as multi-wallet, point of sale system and portfolio manager. More cryptocurrencies will be added in the near future.

Exobit is a complete solution to secure, send, and receive cryptocurrency transactions and merchant payments, and offers many useful features and an intuitive UI for a seamless experience. Users will be able to send and receive a wide variety of cryptocurrencies, knowing their digital assets are fully secured with an encrypted HD wallet only stored on a local device. Even if a device is damaged or lost, all wallets can be restored with a 24-word recovery seed phrase.

Make use of the point of sale system, portfolio manager, and P2P encrypted chat system (coming soon), all within one app with the highest levels of trustless security and anonymity.

Point of Sale System

Exobit enables users to transform mobile and desktop devices into fully-functioning cryptocurrency POS systems, allowing anyone to create inventory lists and select goods and services, generate QR code invoices, and start accepting cryptocurrency payments within minutes.

Portfolio Manager

Users are able to track their favorite cryptocurrencies with accurate and real-time price updates. It provides up-to-date at a glance tracking with intuitive graphic representations of user holdings and their historic performance.

The Exobit universal wallet does not monetize data in any way. Exobit’s technical development is funded privately and by other projects adding their coin or token to the Exobit platform.

Exobit can now be downloaded for Android in a testnet version.

“Exobit looks to be a game-changer in the wallet space. With the ability to have multiple wallets, atomic swaps, as well as a free to use, built-in POS terminal – it’s really taking mobile payments to the next level.”
– John M, Business Developer, PIVX