Enjin’s blockchain gaming asset marketplace now live

Enjin's blockchain gaming asset marketplace now live

Enjin, a blockchain application suite for creating, managing, distributing, and integrating blockchain gaming assets, announced today the live launch of its anticipated Enjin Marketplace for trading.

Adding a marketplace into the Enjin ecosystem means the company can now provide:

From the initial release of the Enjin Wallet to the ERC-1155 Ethereum token standard, everything Enjin builds is released with the purpose of improving its ecosystem and the blockchain experience as a whole.

With the combined power of its fast Ethereum explorer and the secure Enjin blockchain wallet, users can now move smoothly into the next step of ERC-1155 asset adoption.

“Today marks a moment in Enjin history that our team and community have been looking forward to for some time—but it’s still just the start of something special. As our blockchain game development platform and SDKs move to Ethereum Mainnet, digital asset creation backed by the real value of Enjin Coin will be within reach of anybody, and the Enjin Marketplace will allow easy trading of all those freshly self-minted goods. Our marketplace will only increase in utility and importance as more games finish development and release—bringing network effects of eager traders, and introducing new gamers to blockchain. We’re empowering everyone to list blockchain assets for sale, or easily find those available for purchase.”
– The Enjin Team

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