Blockchain data service Bluzelle will host mainnet nodes on Ankr Network

Ankr offers low latency to hosted blockchains and maximal compute power, meaning transactions will be smooth, efficient and fast.

Bluzelle to host mainnet nodes on Ankr Network's distributed cloud

Ankr, a distributed cloud computing network, today announced that Bluzelle, a blockchain-powered data delivery network, will utilize the Ankr cloud infrastructure.

Ankr’s distributed network of geographically dispersed data centers, immune to localized outages, is the perfect fit for hosting the Bluzelle nodes and provide them with optimal performance.

“We are very excited to be able to host Bluzelle mainnet nodes on our distributed cloud. This also means that the revenue stream coming to the Ankr platform, is getting more substantial, which will add even more value to the Ankr token.”
– The Ankr Team

Bluzelle’s database and caching solutions will also be added complementary to Ankr’s compute, storage and container orchestration services. In the future, Ankr and Bluzelle plan to package their tech stacks together to provide enterprises with an all-in-one solution.

Ankr Node Hosting

The nodes in the Ankr blockchain facilitate the hosting of Virtual Machines (VMs) by providing their spare storage and compute capacity. There are many cloud-hosting services, however, Ankr offers some benefits to other blockchain companies who decide to host their nodes on the Ankr cloud.

Blockchain nodes form a vital part of public blockchains. A node is a device on a blockchain network, that is, in essence, the foundation of the technology, allowing it to function and survive. Nodes are distributed across a widespread network and carry out a variety of tasks. The most typical being to maintain a consistent copy of the ledger and help confirm transactions.

More obscure uses might be to provide resources or execute bespoke calculations. Without nodes, there is no blockchain; they are an absolutely critical element of the technology.

Nodes can take a physical form (a server in a datacenter, a spare PC or a Raspberry Pi), they can also exist in the cloud as Virtual Machines (VMs).

A VM is a software computer that, like a physical computer, runs an operating system and applications. The VM is comprised of a set of specifications and configuration files and is backed by the physical resources of a host.

Bluzelle Technology

Bluzelle is a global decentralized database for web 3.0. Bluzelle combines blockchain and edge computing to deliver an instantly scalable, auto-managed, and cryptographically secure database service. Bluzelle is a layer two solution for the data needs of blockchains and is suited for serverless applications, Dapps, gaming, and IoT.

The Bluzelle team is building to ensure businesses never suffer from data breaches, network failures, and performance issues. Bluzelle redundantly stores tiny pieces of data on nodes across the globe, eliminating any single point of failure.

Ankr Platform

The Ankr platform is connected to top-end specification servers, hosted globally from the data centers owned by some of the largest companies on the planet, to provide the highest quality to the Ankr nodes. At the moment, Ankr’s data providers include Digital Ocean, telecom giant Telefonica, and more which are spread out over 5 continents.

Besides, there are ecological benefits of using Ankr, the platform utilizes idle compute power, with the servers being switched on and available whether used or not. The model of utilizing this idle time, minimizing the ecological impact of providing this service and also allowing organizations to monetize their idle (and therefore costly if not utilized) compute time is a great benefit to all.

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