bitFlyer Europe, USA list new ‘Buy/Sell’ coins including LTC, ETC, and BCH

Cryptocurrency exchange bitFlyer has announced today it is adding new altcoins to its Buy/Sell platform across Europe and the US.

From today, bitFlyer Buy/Sell users in Europe will be able to buy and sell Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), Litecoin (LTC), Lisk (LSK) and Monacoin (MONA), securely and directly on the regulated platform, while bitFlyer USA customers will have access to Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum Classic (ETC), and Litecoin (LTC).

 By adding new altcoins, we are expanding bitFlyer’s Buy/Sell offer significantly, giving our customers instant access to some of the largest and most exciting altcoins in the world. Those currencies were previously only available to our Japanese customers, so we’re also consolidating our offer across regions, building a global platform for traders all over the world. By leveraging our experience in Japan, we can offer our European and US customers the same level of speed, simplicity, and transparency as we already do for those trading Bitcoin and Ethereum.”
– Andy Bryant, Co-head and COO, bitFlyer Europe

The new altcoins offer bitFlyer customers an alternative to Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the existing options on the Buy/Sell platform.

Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum Classic (ETC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) are ranked within the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization, whilst Lisk (LSK) and Monacoin (MONA) have lower market capitalization and therefore are not yet widely available across Europe.

bitFlyer launched in the USA back in November 2017, followed by bitFlyer Europe in January 2018, both as fully owned subsidiaries of bitFlyer, Inc., a household name in the cryptocurrency space in Japan and one of the longest-standing cryptocurrency exchanges. It is the only cryptocurrency exchange to be licensed in Japan, the US and Europe combined.

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