AssetBlock brings tokenized real estate platform to Algorand with $60M in assets

AssetBlock welcomes prospective investors and interested real estate partners to now sign up

AssetBlock brings tokenized real estate platform to Algorand with $60M in assets

AssetBlock, a tokenized real estate platform, today announced the successful launch of its commercial real estate investment platform on Algorand, the next-generation Proof-of-Stake blockchain which launched this summer.

$60 Million Worth of Property

Through a joint venture with Lodging Capital Partners (LCP), an owner and asset manager of high-performing, upscale, and luxury hotels, AssetBlock also announced $60 million of exclusive hotel properties that will be tokenized on the platform. Investors will have access to properties that are unavailable to the public and additionally will be able to directly exchange Algos (Algorand’s digital currency) for their share in the properties.

Real estate is the world’s largest asset class, yet 80% of the $7 trillion commercial real estate investment market in the U.S. is controlled by institutional investors. AssetBlock’s platform expands decentralized participation in previously gated opportunities by working directly with top-tier partners and filling critical funding gaps for them. Thus, barriers to entry for non-institutional investors are greatly reduced, resulting in superior deal access, compelling economics, and a smoother investment process while also facilitating a lower cost of capital for real estate partners.

“We created AssetBlock because the modern economy was in need of modern technology. We saw an opportunity to build a solution that brings traditional and non-traditional real estate investors and professionals together efficiently, creating more opportunity for all involved. Lodging Capital Partners represents the caliber of real estate investment partner that AssetBlock is proud to offer access to on our platform. LCP has invested in a portfolio of properties valued at more than $1.5 billion and continues to deliver strong performance.”
– Mike Liddell, CEO and founder of AssetBlock

AssetBlock chose Algorand because Algorand is delivering on the potential that blockchain had envisioned: a borderless economy that eliminates global barriers to entry, decentralizes participation, efficiently brings together investors and opportunities, and meets AssetBlock’s high standards for security and compliance.

“AssetBlock is one of many innovative companies disrupting traditional business models by leveraging the power of Algorand’s blockchain technology. AssetBlock’s model to broaden capital pools for real estate investment aligns perfectly with our long-term vision of building a borderless economy by removing friction for these type of investment opportunities globally.”
– Steve Kokinos, CEO of Algorand

Roadmap Ahead

AssetBlock will continue to add additional real estate partners and properties, with further announcements coming soon. Investors will also see an expansion into other asset classes with similar economic dynamics.


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