Taxa Network partners with Cocos-BCX for blockchain game development

Taxa Cocos

Taxa Network, a privacy-preserving blockchain agnostic layer-2 computational network, has announced a new partnership with Cocos-BCX, an engine, and IDE for blockchain gaming, to collaborate on creating seamless experiences and to fuel blockchain game development.

By introducing highly developable, computationally powerful, and trustless third party development powered by Taxa’s trusted execution technologies, game developers on Cocos-BCX can create high-end games on the blockchain.

“We are very excited to work with the top minds in the gaming industry. Cocos-BCX’s vision of building the world’s best-in-class developer experience for blockchain games resonates with us deeply. We are very impressed by their obsession with developability. When creativity meets powerful technology, there will be a lot of fun for developers, and ultimately for all the gamers.”
– Esther Hu, Co-founder of Taxa

By integrating Taxa onto the Cocos-BCX platform, Cocos-BCX will strengthen its developer-first initiative with TEE-enabled developer tool kits.

“Taxa is a leading project that offers developer-friendly TEE-enabled solutions to the pain point of many public blockchains. As a layer 2 infrastructure, Taxa bridges the developability and usability gap between public blockchains and DApps with Taxa’s high-performance, privacy-preserving, highly developable smart contract engine. Cocos-BCX is excited to kick off the partnership with Taxa. We believe it will bring lots of benefits to the Cocos-BCX ecosystem.”
– Reed Hong, Head of Research & Development of Cocos-BCX


Cocos-BCX is a public blockchain platform aiming to create a complete run-time environment for games with multi-game system compatibility, providing game developers a user-friendly platform for blockchain game development. Cocos-BCX aspires to bring users complete control and transparency over in-game virtual assets. Game developers can easily migrate conventional games to the blockchain without the need to learn blockchain programming languages.

Taxa Network

Taxa Network is a privacy-preserving, computationally powerful, highly developable, blockchain agnostic layer-2 infrastructure. Designed with a layered architecture philosophy, and built with cutting edge trusted execution environment (TEE) technologies, Taxa aims at enabling the killer apps of Web 3.0 to develop and thrive. With Taxa, developers are able to unlock whole new possibilities in privacy-centric, data-intensive or computation-heavy scenarios such as gaming, AI/machine learning, DeFi, digital rights management, etc.

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