Australian crypto exchange CoinJar launches new mobile app

The app is only good if you live in Australia

CoinJar app

The CoinJar app has been redesigned from the ground up

Australian digital currency exchange company CoinJar has just announced the launch of its new mobile app. The new mobile-first CoinJar platform makes cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and litecoin easier than ever to be acquired by everyday Australians.

“Our new app is designed for the future of digital currency; it is only a matter of time before it will be used beyond investing, and just like fiat currency, Australians will need their own digital currency accounts,” CoinJar CEO Asher Tan says.

Asher Tan, CoinJar CEO

Standout features of the app include real-time price charts, daily and threshold price alerts, fast buying and selling, transaction history, multiple wallet management, and in-house support.

“With more people investing in cryptocurrency, the market is increasingly demanding a higher level of sophistication and security from the platforms it is using, which is why we used the latest technology to create an objectively better digital currency account,” Tan stated.

The new mobile platform also supports CoinJar’s cryptocurrency debit card CoinJar Swipe which is the most efficient and cost-effective off-ramp to turn crypto in cash in Australia.

“We help people move between traditional finance and digital assets through our Swipe card which gives Australians access to instant and fee-free conversions of digital currency to cash in person at any ATM or anywhere that accepts EFTPOS,” said Tan.

The new CoinJar app for iOS is now available on the App Store with a CoinJar Swipe card currently available for free if ordered through the app.