Fabrx to develop protocol-level triggers and events platform for Tezos

The Fabrx developer platform is comprised of cloud-based functions including enriched API access layers, point-and-click solutions, cross-chain cloud functions, and automated triggers and analysis.

Fabrx to develop protocol-level triggers and events platform for Tezos

Fabrx, a blockchain and web3 services platform, has announced that as part of the Tezos Foundation’s next batch of grant projects, it will be producing a protocol-level triggers and events platform for the Tezos blockchain that will support automated API methods and trigger-based functions for applications.

The Tezos-based triggers and events platform will operate similar to the Zapier automation platform. It will include a point-and-click interface, automated API methods, and triggered cloud-based functions.

The aim is to accelerate the adoption of Tezos by simplifying the development experience and by equipping the development community with necessary API triggers such as smart contract events, wallet actions, and market activity. The platform will also enrich current Tezos applications with user-engaging feature sets like automated alerts, baking events, and Google Sheet integration.

This platform is being built specifically for Tezos developers, but the point-and-click solution will be available to all end-users including delegators, bakers, traders, and holders.

The enhanced tools, triggers, and events will support new projects to integrate Tezos functionality seamlessly with minimal code and will increase engagement amongst holders, traders, and stakers within the ecosystem.


Tezos is a blockchain that can evolve by upgrading itself. Stakeholders vote on amendments to the protocol, including amendments to the voting procedure itself, to reach social consensus on proposals. Tezos supports smart contracts and offers a platform to build decentralized applications.


Fabrx is a cloud platform for blockchain and ecosystem of builders, entrepreneurs, and growth hackers. They envision the digital future to be open to all and view developers as a crucial player in driving mainstream adoption of web3 applications.

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