Elixxir launches alpha of xx network metadata-shredding platform

The xx network public alpha provides a metadata-shredding platform for smartphone testing by consumers worldwide

Elixxir launches alpha of xx network metadata-shredding platform

Elixxir, led by cryptographer David Chaum, today announced the launch of the xx network public alpha. Maintained by a team of nodes run by independent operators, the xx network public alpha represents the first public demonstration of cMix, a transaction network that shreds metadata and provides unprecedented consumer privacy and security.

“We’ve worked very hard over many years to design and develop the Elixxir privacy-protecting platform and now users can access the platform for private communication. It’s one thing to talk about and describe such a platform, it’s quite another to make it available for use on a smartphone. I’m very proud of our team for getting this done,” said David Chaum.


In the weeks ahead users will have a chance to test the xx network public alpha for themselves. Currently, select partners are testing the public alpha. The public alpha will immediately be capable of processing 500 transactions per second, and is expected to scale within weeks to 2,500-5,000 transactions per second.

The xx network public alpha nodes are run by a cross-section of node operators around the world. Operators include Bitcoin.com, Chainzilla, Everstake, Incrypt, Iqlusion, and Simply VC. Hand-picked by Elixxir, these node operators will contribute their expertise and feedback to inform the xx network decentralized beta later this year.

“It’s great to see Elixxir is available publicly for high volume testing. I’m a supporter. Some things about my life are confidential, that’s why I’m looking forward to using their privacy protecting platform,” said Roger Ver, Executive Chairman of Bitcoin.com.

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