EOS powered gaming blockchain DAO.Casino rebrands to DAObet

DAO.Casino will be undergoing a rebranding to better present the product before target market audiences

The team of DAO.Casino, a blockchain infrastructure provider for gambling and other games, announced it has decided to undertake a rebranding strategy for better positioning of the product on the blockchain market and will now be known as DAObet.

The blockchain project is still under development, and ensures high transaction speeds and unique levels of unpredictability using its unique random number generator.

Now, the team is preparing for the upcoming launch of the mainnet, and believes a corresponding brand name that would present the product before potential users and the media in the proper light is a crucial element of the company’s marketing strategy.

The team said:

“We have surveyed our community’s opinions on the matter of the name-change and chosen a name that we think will best reflect the image of the DAO Blockchain solely as a blockchain infrastructure provider. As such, DAObet has been chosen as the final name to ensure optimal product positioning.”

With a large number of important announcements coming up in the near future, the development team is “confident” that having an easily recognizable name that can be associated with the blockchain industry is a vital component of product placement.