NEO blockchain debuts 3 new products for development and storage

The products will help developers create enterprise-grade blockchain services on NEO...


NEO, a popular China originated public blockchain project, earlier today debuted three new products during the press conference for its inaugural NEO Community Assembly. The newly launched NEO products, NEO.ONE, NeoFS (NEO distributed file system), and NEO Blockchain Toolkit, aim to foster developer activity by enhancing accessibility and real-world integration for an optimized experience


As a complete revamp of NEO2, the forthcoming NEO3 launch aims to set up the project for large-scale commercial blockchain adoption. Through high reliability, high throughput, and big data, NEO3 can deliver improved scalability, functionality, and user experience.

Details on the newly launched products:

  1. NEO.ONE: A one-stop solution for NEO blockchain development, NEO.ONE offers a highly accessible end-to-end framework to enable optimized coding, testing, and deployment of NEO DApps.
  2. NeoFS (NEO distributed file system): Aimed at fulfilling the ever-increasing need for data, NeoFS represents NEO’s commitment to building a decentralized data storage system designed for the next-gen Internet. Integrated with the NEO blockchain, NeoFS offers privacy, security, fault tolerance, scalability, and performance.
  3. NEO Blockchain Toolkit for .NET and NEO Express: Developed by veteran Visual Studio and Microsoft .NET developers, this plug-in enables developers to easily access a comprehensive suite of smart contract development tools through Microsoft Visual Studio, the preferred platform for 21 million developers.
NEO’s week-long event also brought together leading China-based blockchain leaders, including Ontology, VeChain, PlatON, Bytom, Conflux, and TomoChain for a high-level roundtable.

Speaking on NEO3, Da Hongfei, Founder of NEO said:
“Since our founding in 2014, NEO has continuously sought to translate vision into reality by driving innovation in partnership with our developers. To reflect this spirit of innovation, we convened our very first NEO Community Assembly to celebrate our product launch while fostering collaboration amongst our ecosystem. By coming together, we look forward to empowering our developers to realize enterprise-grade blockchain innovations and create the foundation for next-gen Internet.”