China Telecom releases whitepaper on 5G era blockchain smartphone

Yesterday, August 27th, China Telecom’s Blockchain and Digital Economy Lab released a white paper on “Blockchain Smart Phones in the 5G Era.”

Particularly, the whitepaper elaborated on the advantage of the blockchain infrastructure platform, that can support a SIM card-based digital asset management system. The blockchain mobile design also helps in decreasing fraud, harassment, data loss and other crimes related to identity theft.

The team of QLC Chain, a public chain with embedded telecom service capabilities, found that China Telecom’s blockchain strategy underlined in the whitepaper is highly consistent with their own. At the same time, it also shows the broad prospects of a telecommunication blockchain in the 5G era.

In the effort of increasing security in telecom services using blockchain technology, QLC has invented its own multi-sign based SMS 2FA technology. It is in the application process for a patent.

The QLC Chain team said: “We look forward to this technology replacing the ordinary SMS verification code and Google authentication solutions.”

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